Dan Gillogly

Don’t get anywhere near a piano with your shoelaces tied together when  
the Dan Gillogly sits down behind them 88s! 

Dan Gillogly has been a professional musician since he left high school and his mother still wants to know when he is going to get a job. Since he is the 3rd of 6 kids, he figures performing on stage for a living is cheaper than psychotherapy. 

At one time or another, he has written and performed music for A&E, Comedy Central, and FOX-TV. He was Music Director at The Second City for 10 years where he received his Masters Degree in Comedy. He has never met a microphone he doesn’t like and he has more fun on stage than is legally allowed by law.  

So, remove ALL the batteries in your smoke detectors, untie your shoelaces and get all the chairs out of the way. Fun Sing Alongs, Interactive Fun, Foot stompin’ boogie, blues and rock’n’roll performed right now at your club or festival.