Michael "Stu" Stoinski

Stu is the newest edition to the Redhead family. Growing up listening to music constantly and fascinated with the piano, Stu used to lay gloves on the floor and pretend he was playing piano to records and TV show theme songs. That's when he began begging his parents for piano lessons. At the age of 9, Stu took 3 years of classical training. His lessons ended with her when he brought a new music book to class (Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Vol. I & II) and his teacher refused to teach him that "garbage".

After taking 5 more years of lessons with another teacher, Stu learned popular music, how to improvise with music, and how to play with a "free-style". His singing ability wasn't shown until his sophomore year of high school when he was forced to sing with the chorus group in order to pass the class. That year, Stu got the lead in the school musical, The Music Man. "I was nicknamed "Stu" by my friends in school", Stu recalls, "as a shortcut to saying my last name. With so many "Michaels" around, I quickly adopted it." Stu began playing and singing publicly in February, 2004. "I walked into a local bar that didn't have entertainment for the night and asked the owner if I could play in his bar for tips and a few beers, said good-bye to corporate America, and here I am."

You may have seen Stu at The Redhead for the past couple of years now, filling in for the other talented performers. However you can now catch him on alternating Fridays. His repertoire spans the great standards and classics through each decade up to today's pop to entertain anyone ages 21 to 121. If you're lucky to catch a night with Stu, you're guaranteed an energy filled performance by a guy whose clearly visible enjoyment and passion for performing is shared by all.

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