Is there a dress code?

We’ve relaxed our dress code a bit. No hoodies, sunglasses, or exposed underpants are allowed in the venue.


Are minors allowed in the venue?

No, our establishment is 21 & over only.


Do you take reservations?

We take credit card reservations (requires a minimum spent per seat) for those who want to hold a table for a certain time. We do not reserve seats at the bar or the piano even with a credit card. Most customers come in without a reservation and let our staff assist them in finding a table. Our staff will get you a table as soon as they are able.


Is there a cover charge?

The Redhead never has a cover charge. During the late fall, winter, and early spring seasons we do have a complimentary coat check.


Since Illinois does not allow smoking and drinking in the same place (inside or outside), how does The Redhead accommodate smokers?

The Redhead has a covered, seated, comfortable (and during the winter…heated!) smoke area. Come smoke with us!


Can you accommodate larger parties?

Yes we can accommodate larger parties; however our seating area for these parties is limited, so arriving early is recommended. Again, you can see a host or hostess when you arrive and they will do their best to accommodate your party. As an option, you can make a credit card reservation (requires a minimum spent per seat).


Do you have valet parking?

No, we do not have valet parking. There is some street parking in the area as well as a parking garage across Ontario Street.

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